7 Terms to Know for International Moving

International Moves can be broken down into three separate components. The first component is origin services, which covers everything involved with leaving the point of origin, including packing and moving the household goods. The second component is the transportation of goods which covers how the goods are going to be shipped, whether it’s by air, truck, rail, or ship. The third component of an international move is destination services, which covers everything after your goods arrive at the point of entry.

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Announcement: JK Moving is Open

There was quite the storm over the weekend in the Metro Washington, D.C. area. All members of the JK family have checked in and even though some experienced home damage and lost power, everyone is doing fine. Despite some road closures and traffic lights not working, and fluctuating power in the area, our staff is in the office, our crews are on the road, and we’re open for business.

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