11 “Boxy” Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just a few days away and you procrastinated on putting together a costume. You can go to the costume store and sink $50 on a one-use costume, or you could put in a little effort to easily create your own.

With some scissors, paint, and tape or glue, you can turn those old cardboard moving boxes into a great Halloween costume with time to spare. And you’ll be re-using the box to boot! Here are some clever costume ideas that all start with a simple cardboard box:

  1. Candy box: A cannibalistic candy box going door-to-door looking for treats is pretty scary when you think about it.

  2. Robot: A boxy, silver, human-shaped object? A robot is ideal for last-minute costume creation.
  3. Minecraft or LEGO character: Both Minecraft and LEGO have characters stylized to be boxy, making these costumes a natural fit.
  4. Photo strip: Besides being incredibly clever, this costume also weighs less than all others.
    photo strip
  5. Samurai: Though this one may require a bit more creativity than the others, it is totally worth it.
  6. Dice: If you are reading this on Halloween, this is your best choice.

    Photo by Steve Johnson
    Photo by Steve Johnson
  7. Popcorn bag: Bonus points for filling it with actual popcorn! Or you could use packing peanuts.

    Photo by calamity_sal
    Photo by calamity_sal
  8. S’more: Cut squares from an extra box to use as the graham crackers.
  9. Canoe: You can even turn the front into a bag for candy!
  10. Rubik’s cube: Looks like you solved your costume problem! (Sorry, we can do better than that.)
  11. Christmas gift: Because apparently it’s NEVER too early to start celebrating Christmas.

    Image from: manualidadesfaciles.es

Some extra tips for crafting the costumes:

  • Where a costume demands flexibility, tape works better than glue and can help reinforce the cardboard to prevent tearing.
  • String can be used to tie pieces together, which allows more movement than gluing or taping the pieces together. That extra shoestring finally has a use!
  • Use tape on corners of the cardboard to avoid paper cuts.
  • Air out whatever you paint and give it time to dry, or else you’ll be trick-or-treating with some side-effects.
  • This is cardboard, so be careful not to get it wet!

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