10 Ways JK Makes Your Move Worry Free

We understand that moving can be stressful and today, we would like to explain how JK makes your move worry free. With more than thirty years in business, JK understands the concerns customers have when dealing with a move. Here are 10 concerns that customers may have and how JK makes your move worry free.

Our certified move consultants and our crews all train in our training house.
Our certified move consultants and our crews all train in our training home.

1. Customer Concern – I won’t receive an accurate estimate, and I’ll pay thousands more on move day.

Our training house isn’t just for the crews. All of our certified move consultants train in our training house and learn how to create an accurate estimate. All of the goods in our training house are actual household furnishings our move consultants encounter every day.

2. Customer Concern – It’ll take a week to receive my estimate, if I receive it at all!

All of our certified move consultants use an iPad so they can create an estimate while in the customer’s home. They can also print the estimate in the home, so our customers have written proof of what is being moved and how the estimate is generated. If there are any questions, our move consultants are more than happy to address them on the spot, or whenever they come up.

3. Customer Concern – I don’t know if I can trust the crews coming into my home.

All of our employees – including our crews – are background checked and drug tested before they even begin our required three day training course.

4. Customer Concern – My belongings will be damaged during the move.

All of our employees spend three days training in our training house before they are allowed to enter a customer’s home. In this hands-on training, they learn how to properly wrap and pack everyday items that they will find in your home.

JK Floor and Home Protection.
JK Floor and Home Protection.

5. Customer Concern – Even if my goods are not destroyed, my home will be.

In addition to wrapping and packing training, our crews also must go through home-protection training. They learn how to protect the entire house from any potential damage. The red carpet we roll out? Not only does it look good, but it offers additional protection. Click here for photos of home protection on a move.

6. Customer Concern – I’m just one customer, they’ll forget about me on move day.

We send pre-move confirmation emails before your move to verify arrival times, and the origin and destination addresses. One of our relocation coordinators will call you the day before your move to make sure you understand how the move will progress when we show up. You can also expect a call on your move day to make sure everything is going smoothly. Click to read more about the Quality Assurance offered by JK.

7. Customer Concern – What if I have a question on move day? I’ll never be able to reach anyone!

We give our customers the direct lines to two of our employees, your move consultant and your dedicated relocation coordinator. On the day of the move, if you have any questions they will be there to answer your call.

8. Customer Concern – I want to talk to the crew, but no one wants to talk to me and I have questions!

On each job, we have a foreman. Not only are they in charge of the crew, but they can answer your questions if you do not want to call into the office.

9. Customer Concern – Even if the crew is trained, they don’t care how my move goes or if any of my belongings break.

At JK, we have a Profit Sharing Plan and a 401(k) Safe Harbor, which means every employee has a vested interest in the success of the company. If there is damage and a claim is filed, it affects every employee. This is an incredible incentive to deliver an exceptional experience on every move.

Always a full house during one of our montly crew meetings.
Always a full house during one of our montly crew meetings.

On top of the Profit Sharing Plan and 401(k) Safe Harbor, we offer additional incentives for the crew. At every monthly crew meeting we present a reward and certificate to the Driver of the Month and Helper of the Month. Crews are also rewarded when they receive a perfect score from a customer. (These scores are compiled by an independent third party surveyor who calls every JK customer after their move.) It’s also nice to be recognized on the Wall of Fame.

One of our freshly decaled "birdcage" trucks!
One of our “birdcage” trucks!

10. Customer Concern – The moving company’s equipment is old and dirty.

We consistently update our fleet of vehicles so customers don’t have to worry about our trucks breaking down. You can also rest assured that our fleet is solely used for moving and nothing else.  And because we expect all of our employees to be in clean JK uniforms when they arrive at your home, we expect the same of our trucks and wash them weekly.

Additionally, we take the equipment we use seriously. We only use new boxes for packing when out on a move. (We will use recycled boxes for floor and home protection.) And our wrapping pads are inspected before we leave for a move. If the pads are dirty, frayed, or not up to our standards, they are replaced with new pads.

We understand the questions and concerns our customers have before, during, and after a move. We have been in business for more than thirty years because we listen and handle the concerns of our clients, we give our people the best equipment to work with, and because we invest in our employees. We would like the opportunity to deliver a worry-free move for you today!

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