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"I want to thank you VERY much for more than exceeding my expectations on our move! Hugo, Cata, & Mr. Ramos were OUTSTANDING! ! ! Our things were moved in 2 hours less than I expected, the guys were super professional, and I even referred you to one of my neighbors during the move. - Again – SUPER job & thanks again!" -Jack L.
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So you’re making the big move, congrats! This should be an exciting time; a new chapter in your life. However, the daunting task of packing your things, shipping them off, and then unpacking them often takes the enjoyment out of this special occasion.

Here are 10 moving tips to help make your move worry free:

1. When packing your things, label the box that with what contents are, and what room it will be going into.

You can instruct your movers to place each box in its designated room so when you are ready, you can start unpacking room-by-room. This will make the moving process more manageBox Kitchen Fragileable and organized.

We recommend putting the label on the side of the box, as opposed to the top, to ensure visibility even when the boxes are stacked on top of each other.

2. Wrap breakable items in clothing.

Moving can get expensive. Even small items purchased for the sake of moving can quickly become a big expense. Instead of buying endless rolls of bubble wrap, use what you  already have to wrap breakable items.

For example, soft clothing often works as well as bubble wrap for fragile items. Not only are you saving money, but you end up saving time by packing both clothes and items simultaneously. And, you’ll lessen the impact on the environment by having less bubble wrap to throw away later.

3. Take a photo of how your electronics are connected before disconnecting the wires.

Nothing is more time consuming and frustrating than having 100 different wires that go in the back of your computer and having to remember how they were connected.

Before packing your electronics, take a photo (on your phone for extra convenience!) of how all the cords are connected. When you get to your new home, you can then pull up your photo and quickly reconnect and power things up without having to spend hours trying to remember which cord plugs-in where.

electronics pic

4. Vacuum seal your clothing.

To save on space in boxes, it’s often a good idea to vacuum seal your clothing. When arranging your clothes to be vacuum sealed, group them by season; any out of season clothing can remain sealed and in storage until you are ready to take them out months down the line. Vacuum sealing your clothes will help you save space while packing as well as in your new home.

vacuum seal clothing

5. Start getting rid of items weeks in advance.

Moving can help you realize how many things you have but never pay any attention to.

This is the perfect time to categorize unwanted objects as either an item “to sell,” “to throw away,” or “to give away.”

Items that you deem too valuable to just give away can be sold on sites like eBay or Craigslist. This should be done weeks ahead of your move so that you have ample time to sell the items and not have to take up extra moving space by lugging the unwanted items to your new home.

Other items that you want to give away should be given at least a week or two before moving. You can call and arrange for a local charitable organization to come by and pick up your things, thus making it a few less things that have to be packed for your big move.

If you have a lot of material – or very large items – to throw away, you may want to enlist the services of a junk removal firm.  One that we recommend in the DC area is 123Junk.

6. Change your address at least two weeks before moving.

You will want to ensure you get all your important statements and letters on time and in the right location, so changing your address ahead of the move is extremely important.

You no longer have to go straight to the post office to change your address; people can now go online to the U.S. Postal Service website and do it directly from there.

Also, often times when you change your address, companies will give out valuable coupons that might help you get good deals on items you will need in your new home. Those coupons may also help you get familiar with local stores in the area that you didn’t even know existed. You can even get these coupons while changing your address online. After filling out your change of address form, you will be prompted to select which coupons you wish to get delivered by mail or email.

After you change your address, you will want to call your credit card company and any publications you subscribe to to inform them of this change.

change of address

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When you think about a moving company, you probably think about the folks who actually conduct your move, like the packers, drivers, and warehouse staff.  But there are so many other employees “behind the scenes.” I recently sat down with Robert Yao, JK Moving Services’ IT Help Desk Coordinator, to learn a little more about him and his current position. Here are some of the things I learned:

So who is “Robert Yao?”

I was born in Xiang Ming, China and I came to the U.S. when I was seven. My parents and I landed in Brunswick, Maine, where I’m pretty sure I was the only Asian person in the entire school. I did not know any English when I first came; I used to have to draw pictures to communicate with people before I started understanding the language.  I’m sure I had an accent but it disappeared a long time ago.

My parents came to the U.S. for better opportunities. China was a lot less progressive then than it is now. They both went to university in China and came to the U.S. for their Masters. They came to the U.S. when I was around one, and made sure that they had a place to live and jobs before they brought me over when I was seven.

Later, I attended Oakton High School here in Virginia and went to George Mason University.

Robert Pic for blog

What are some of your interests? What do you do in your spare time?

Well, I would say my favorite things to do are whatever my fiancée wants to do – kidding. In my free time I like to go cycling, play computer games and of course spend time with the (future) “missus.”

My favorite movie is Jurassic Park and I’m currently watching Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire on TV.

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Data breaches aren’t just found online. Shredding confidential information and sensitive corporate data is just as important to overall company security as having an internet firewall.

Every year, Verizon releases a Data Breach Investigations Report. This report is based on actual data breaches rather than unreliable surveys.

In 2013, based on 1,367 data breaches and more than 63,000 security incidents, Verizon found that 46% of security incidents within the healthcare industry were the result of lost or stolen assets. These physical thefts and loss of assets occur most often in the office and not from homes or personal vehicles.

There are no laws against “dumpster diving.” After your business disposes of its documents, it has no claim to its privacy.

Protecting information such as customer lists, meeting notes, and financial printouts becomes increasingly important.  Think of the damage one disgruntled employee could do.


















You may have stacks of paper filled with classified documents. Or you may have a few sheets with notes of bank information or other personal data – whatever the case, investing in a document destruction (also known as paper-shredding service) may be just what your company needs to prevent stolen data.

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Traveling internationally often opens a person’s eyes to new experiences, cultures, and ways of life. Working within the international shipping industry, and catering to people of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds can also bring about some unique and interesting stories.

Occasionally, this blog will feature “Unique Shipping Stories.”

I recently sat down with David MacPherson, JK’s Vice President of the International Division, to talk about some of his “unique shipping experiences.”

Shipping an SUV Built for a King, Literally.

“An embassy of a middle eastern country asked me to ship a vehicle that was located in Oxnard, California, just north of LA. The SUV was at Becker Automotive which customizes big SUVs and Sprinter Jetvans™. The Cadillac SUV they wanted to ship, before modifications, was around $75,000. When Becker was finished with it, it was worth more than $320,000. It had run-flat tires, night vision, satellite TV and phones, and the rest was just pure luxury.













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International shipping of items can be a tricky business for some people. Having to ship your personal belongings to a country thousands of miles away and then having to get your items inspected by customs can be a stressful process – especially if your shipper or mover  isn’t a reputable expert.globe boxes

Who can you trust to ship your items?

“At JK Moving Services, we work with FIDI, which is a Federation (or Alliance) of International Movers,” said Taylor McFarland, International Relocation Coordinator.

Through a certified program called FAIM (FIDI Accredited International Mover), FIDI uses a point system of more than 200 defined quality requirements to ensure a certified company, like JK, maintains a high level of quality at all times.

“For us, working with the State Department, embassies, and other government agencies – this standard has become very important because it’s an outside, objective measure of our quality, not just because we say we’re high-quality,” said McFarland.

Domestically, JK is one of only 42 companies that are part of this FAIM-FIDI network. Internationally, we are one of about 531; this ensures your move will be conducted with the highest quality and maximum competency globally.

“If I need an agent in another country, I could find someone reliable within this network and trust that they would manage the shipment to our exacting standards, once we forward the freight from here,” said McFarland.

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JK Moving Services Switches to More-Secure, Credit Swiping Technology

A recent string of credit and debit card security breaches has made companies – big and small – re-evaluate the way they manage their customers’ personal information.swipe

Companies such as eBay, Target, P.F. Chang’s and others were all recently hit with cyber-attacks that potentially affected over 150 million people.

According to ABC News, credit card theft is an $18 billion internet-based business that victimizes at least 40 million people every year.

“At JK Moving Services, we regularly review our credit card policies,” said Nate Kost, Accounting Manager.

“The recent data breaches at Target made it that much more of a priority to review our processes.”

Recently, JK moved away from a manual approach to taking payments into a higher security, more automated process.

“We are not like retailers, where the customer comes to the register to make a payment. We have to physically go our customers, so it’s a bit different,” said Kost.

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JK Moving Services is hiring!

If you live in DC, MD, or VA – come to our job fair this Saturday, June 21, 2014 or apply online.


Saturday,  June 21, 2014

9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


JK Moving Services
44112 Mercure Circle
Sterling, VA 20166

We have immediate full time, part-time, and summer positions available. We’re currently looking for drivers, moving helpers, packers, warehouse helpers, project supervisors, modular furniture installers, PC technicians, and more!

updated job fair flyer