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"I want to thank you VERY much for more than exceeding my expectations on our move! Hugo, Cata, & Mr. Ramos were OUTSTANDING! ! ! Our things were moved in 2 hours less than I expected, the guys were super professional, and I even referred you to one of my neighbors during the move. - Again – SUPER job & thanks again!" -Jack L.
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When you think about a moving company, you probably think about the folks who actually conduct your move, like the packers, drivers, and warehouse staff.  But there are so many other employees “behind the scenes.” I recently sat down with Lisa Jewell, JK Moving Services’ Archives Administrative Manager, to better get to know her and her role at JK. Here is a little of what she shared:

Tell me about your background; who is Lisa Jewell?

Well, I was born on the Air Force base in Colorado Springs and grew up in the area. I attended Colorado State University where I studied both business and nursing. I’ve worked a lot in skilled nursing facilities; hiring and training nurses and nursing aides.

I had a myriad of other duties in skilled nursing facilities as well, including being a safety officer, managing workers’ compensation, and scheduling. I eventually moved to Virginia to be closer to family and enjoy time with my nieces and nephew.

lisa jewell

What are some of your interests? What do you do in your spare time?

Some of my favorite pastimes include hiking, running, rafting, swimming, and skiing ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­– basically any “mountain related” activities. Traveling is a passion of mine; I love exploring new areas.

Reading non-fiction books is my way of relaxing. I also do organic cosmetic formulation as a hobby and a way of expanding health knowledge in others.

What is your role at JK and what got you interested in this line of work?

My title is “Archives Administration Manager.” I am part of the Archives team in our Commercial Division. My role entails monitoring customer service, overseeing inventory control and information, billing management, helping maintain system functionality, educating staff and customers, and constantly improving and streamlining processes for efficiency.

I became interested based off of my previous management experience. I was very interested in working in and learning a new industry; learning new skills and challenging myself is a passion of mine.

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JK Moving Services’ Andrea Bunch Receives 2014 FinFit Hero Award

FinFit is a comprehensive Financial Wellness Program that empowers employees with financial assessment tools, resources, guidance, and education to implement and maintain financial fitness and peace of mind. FinFit assists hundreds of companies and employees with providing affordable credit options and sound financial guidance.

We are proud to announce that JK Moving Services’ very own Human Resources Vice President, Andrea Bunch, received the 2014 FinFit Hero Award.

The Hero Award demonstrates an employer’s commitment to the financial wellness and education of its employees. Congratulations, Andrea!

finfit award


Robert Bain (Left), FinFit’s Regional Director of Business Development, presenting the 2014 FitFit Hero Award to JK Moving Services’ Human Resources Vice President, Andrea Bunch (Right)

I recently sat down with JK’s Human Resources Benefits Administrator, Scott O’Con, to discuss JK’s partnership with FinFit and why an employee may choose to take advantage of their services:

What service does FinFit provide JK Moving Services’ employees?

FinFit delivers services that companies use to provide their employees with options when it comes to modeling loans, creating household budgets, consolidating spend, or applying for small loans, among other things. Many times, an employee may need an advance on their paycheck and getting a low cost loan from FinFit is not only an easy process, it reduces the need for that employee to borrow money from their 401(k) or become subject to lengthy credit checks.

The FinFit website offers great financial calculators that employees can use for budgeting monthly and yearly expenses.

What options does JK provide employees who need a loan or advance on their paycheck?

Well, first we would ask specific questions and give them three options:

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Each Quarter, JK Moving Services picks one of our commercial clients to be awarded, “Commercial Move of the Quarter.”

This honor recognizes and showcases outstanding commercial relocation projects. The award criteria are based on the scope and nature of the move, with an emphasis on projects that have unique components or that helped the client solve a challenge. The award will be given to one commercial client each quarter.

JK is pleased to announce its Q1 2014 Commercial Move of the Quarter to Global Impact.


“We have conducted thousands of successful office moves since establishing our Commercial Moving Division in 1996,” said Charles Kuhn, Founder, President and CEO, JK Moving Services. “Over time, the scope of our projects has gone beyond the typical services of moving file cabinets and office equipment. JK’s clients have entrusted us to solve unusual relocation challenges, and we’ve been pleased to rise to the occasion. This award distinguishes and thanks our clients for their confidence in us.”

The first quarter award winner, Global Impact, is a non-profit organization that builds partnerships and raises resources to help the world’s most vulnerable people. When Global Impact relocated in February 2014, it needed to dispose of office furniture that was not moving to its new space in Alexandria. With the help of its partner, Etreev, JK relocated all excess furniture to a donation center where it was then donated to another non-profit group.

“This sustainable practice not only kept our unwanted materials out of a landfill, it also served to fill a need for another non-profit organization,” said Cindy Darnell, Director of Operations, Global Impact. “We loved the idea of reducing our environmental footprint and ‘paying it forward.’ It fit so nicely with our greater mission.”

global impact editedCindy Darnell, Global Impact’s Director of Operations,

Accepting the 2014 Commercial Move of the Quarter Award

In addition to facilitating the furniture donation and conducting the actual office move, JK provided a myriad of services for Global Impact, including responsibly recycling 27,000 pounds of shredded documents and recycling obsolete electronic equipment prior to the move.

Help us in congratulating Global Impact for being our “Commercial Move of the Quarter.”

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In this blog, we have discussed how to make moving easier on kids, and even pets.  And sometimes, moving to a new location can be hard on your social life. Making new friends isn’t always easy when you are an adult. It’s important to get to know your neighbors ─ you may even make a few life-long friends!

Meeting the neighbors can be daunting if you are somewhat shy. Chances are they are probably just as shy to approach you as you are of them. Perhaps you or your neighbor will need someone to keep an eye on the home or feed the pets while on vacation. Or maybe you want to meet the family whose kids are the same age as yours.  There are plenty of reasons why it is beneficial to get to know the people who surround you. Here are four approaches to getting to know your new neighbors:

1. Bring over a gift – Nothing says “Welcome to the neighborhood” or “I have arrived” quite like a fresh batch of homemade cookies. If you are the one welcoming your new neighbors (who just moved in) you might want to also consider a thoughtful house-warming gift.cookies

Go over and introduce yourself with your lovely gift and offer your assistance if ever they need anything from you.

If your neighbors aren’t home and you are more of the shy type who is apprehensive of approaching them, try leaving the gift by the door with a note. Most likely, they will come over and thank you personally for the gift.

2. Use your kids and pets as an excuse to strike up a conversation – One of the easiest ways to strike up a conversation with a neighbor with kids or pets is to compliment them. Parents love talking about their kids. Ask the parents questions, compliment their kids, and then introduce yourself as the new neighbor.

If your neighbors don’t have kids, they may have pets. A lot of dog owners find themselves making casual conversation with other pup lovers when their furry friends great each other and get their leashes intertwined! (Don’t forget our helpful tips on moving your pet.)

Be sure to use those opportunities to learn your neighbor’s name. You can also use this opportunity to ask about local dog parks or vets in the area.


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One of the most emotional times in a parent’s life is watching their kids go off on their first day of school. Many are filled with emotions of pride and happiness which overwhelm them, and sometimes even a little sadness out of missing their young ones during the day.

Other parents are overcome because they are unable to afford the basic school supplies all kids need while getting their education. Simple things like a backpack, a pack of pencils, and crayons are scarce in the homes of low-income families.

To help fill this need, JK Moving Services has partnered with Apple Federal Credit Union for the second year in a row, to support our local students.

school supplies

According to AFCU, each fall, thousands of children start the school year without the basic school supplies needed to succeed academically. Their “Collect for Kids” program focuses on providing these essential supplies to kids who are most in need, allowing them to focus on their studies and to build their self-esteem.

JK has participated in the school supply drive just before the start of the new school year to help make sure all kids have the supplies they need before their first day of class. All donations went directly to Loudoun County Public Schools.

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So you’re making the big move, congrats! This should be an exciting time; a new chapter in your life. However, the daunting task of packing your things, shipping them off, and then unpacking them often takes the enjoyment out of this special occasion.

Here are 10 moving tips to help make your move worry free:

1. When packing your things, label the box that with what contents are, and what room it will be going into.

You can instruct your movers to place each box in its designated room so when you are ready, you can start unpacking room-by-room. This will make the moving process more manageBox Kitchen Fragileable and organized.

We recommend putting the label on the side of the box, as opposed to the top, to ensure visibility even when the boxes are stacked on top of each other.

2. Wrap breakable items in clothing.

Moving can get expensive. Even small items purchased for the sake of moving can quickly become a big expense. Instead of buying endless rolls of bubble wrap, use what you  already have to wrap breakable items.

For example, soft clothing often works as well as bubble wrap for fragile items. Not only are you saving money, but you end up saving time by packing both clothes and items simultaneously. And, you’ll lessen the impact on the environment by having less bubble wrap to throw away later.

3. Take a photo of how your electronics are connected before disconnecting the wires.

Nothing is more time consuming and frustrating than having 100 different wires that go in the back of your computer and having to remember how they were connected.

Before packing your electronics, take a photo (on your phone for extra convenience!) of how all the cords are connected. When you get to your new home, you can then pull up your photo and quickly reconnect and power things up without having to spend hours trying to remember which cord plugs-in where.

electronics pic

4. Vacuum seal your clothing.

To save on space in boxes, it’s often a good idea to vacuum seal your clothing. When arranging your clothes to be vacuum sealed, group them by season; any out of season clothing can remain sealed and in storage until you are ready to take them out months down the line. Vacuum sealing your clothes will help you save space while packing as well as in your new home.

vacuum seal clothing

5. Start getting rid of items weeks in advance.

Moving can help you realize how many things you have but never pay any attention to.

This is the perfect time to categorize unwanted objects as either an item “to sell,” “to throw away,” or “to give away.”

Items that you deem too valuable to just give away can be sold on sites like eBay or Craigslist. This should be done weeks ahead of your move so that you have ample time to sell the items and not have to take up extra moving space by lugging the unwanted items to your new home.

Other items that you want to give away should be given at least a week or two before moving. You can call and arrange for a local charitable organization to come by and pick up your things, thus making it a few less things that have to be packed for your big move.

If you have a lot of material – or very large items – to throw away, you may want to enlist the services of a junk removal firm.  One that we recommend in the DC area is 123Junk.

6. Change your address at least two weeks before moving.

You will want to ensure you get all your important statements and letters on time and in the right location, so changing your address ahead of the move is extremely important.

You no longer have to go straight to the post office to change your address; people can now go online to the U.S. Postal Service website and do it directly from there.

Also, often times when you change your address, companies will give out valuable coupons that might help you get good deals on items you will need in your new home. Those coupons may also help you get familiar with local stores in the area that you didn’t even know existed. You can even get these coupons while changing your address online. After filling out your change of address form, you will be prompted to select which coupons you wish to get delivered by mail or email.

After you change your address, you will want to call your credit card company and any publications you subscribe to to inform them of this change.

change of address

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When you think about a moving company, you probably think about the folks who actually conduct your move, like the packers, drivers, and warehouse staff.  But there are so many other employees “behind the scenes.” I recently sat down with Robert Yao, JK Moving Services’ IT Help Desk Coordinator, to learn a little more about him and his current position. Here are some of the things I learned:

So who is “Robert Yao?”

I was born in Xiang Ming, China and I came to the U.S. when I was seven. My parents and I landed in Brunswick, Maine, where I’m pretty sure I was the only Asian person in the entire school. I did not know any English when I first came; I used to have to draw pictures to communicate with people before I started understanding the language.  I’m sure I had an accent but it disappeared a long time ago.

My parents came to the U.S. for better opportunities. China was a lot less progressive then than it is now. They both went to university in China and came to the U.S. for their Masters. They came to the U.S. when I was around one, and made sure that they had a place to live and jobs before they brought me over when I was seven.

Later, I attended Oakton High School here in Virginia and went to George Mason University.

Robert Pic for blog

What are some of your interests? What do you do in your spare time?

Well, I would say my favorite things to do are whatever my fiancée wants to do – kidding. In my free time I like to go cycling, play computer games and of course spend time with the (future) “missus.”

My favorite movie is Jurassic Park and I’m currently watching Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire on TV.

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