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Your company recently handled a move for my family. Our movers were Kenny and Hector. I wanted to pass along what a pleasure it was to work with these two professionals. I have moved several times as part of my government employment and these guys were the best, most professional gentlemen I have had handle a move. You have two really good employees and representatives for your company and I wanted to pass along my praise for these two guys.
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At JK Moving Services, we are proud of our sustainability efforts across the company. Each year, we publish a report with the results of our eco-friendly practices. In 2016, we diverted more than 1,869 tons of materials from local landfills.

2017 Recycling Infographic

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What type of materials, and how much, were we able to save from landfills?

  • Mixed Paper – 1,079,940 pounds
  • Metal – 1,474,540 pounds
  • Corrugated Cardboard – 498,740 pounds
  • Furniture – 373,850 pounds
  • Code 2/Wood – 262,060 pounds
  • E-Waste – 47,236 pounds
  • Mixed Plastic – 1,760 pounds

This year for Earth Day, we want to help you take part in our sustainability efforts. If you are interested in hosting an Earth Day event on Wednesday, April 22 at your location, JK can provide e-cycling (for computers and other electronics), document destruction (i.e., paper shredding), or hard drive destruction.

Just contact us and we can help organize an event for your company.

We are proud that we were able to divert 3,738,126 pounds of materials away from area landfills through our recycling programs and initiatives in 2016. We look forward to furthering our efforts in 2017!

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Art Wrapping Residential MoveYou’ve done your homework. You bought a new home in a new city. You got in-home estimates from three reputable moving companies. Your moving company showed up on time and well equipped to pack and load your stuff. Then you allowed a group of people to drive it off into the sunset. Even with your excellent preparation and organization, you’re still tense.

It makes sense. Moving can be one of the most stressful events in your entire life. However, there is another way to ease the stress of a group of people transporting your most prized possessions.

Valuation coverage is a way to give you added protection and peace of mind during your move, in case of a moving incident or disastrous accident.

But, as if you weren’t already stressed out enough, valuation coverage can be a confusing subject. That’s where we’re here to help.

Isn’t valuation coverage just insurance?

No, valuation coverage is not insurance. This is a very common misunderstanding, so let me explain the difference. Continue reading …

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There are just a few places in the world where you can be climbing through a forest one minute and in the hubbub of a country’s capital in the next. Montgomery County, Maryland is one of those very places.

Located just a few minutes outside of Washington, D.C., Montgomery County is easily accessible by Metro. The county combines an array of activities including ziplining through a forest, hiking along a canal, and listening to live music during happy hour into a historic, 500 sq. mile package.

If you’re new to the area (or if you’ve lived here your whole life), check out our list of top places to visit in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Food & Drink

PassionFish Bethesda



While cold air and snow lingers in metropolitan Washington, D.C., the PassionFish seafood-eatery in Bethesda does its best to remind locals of warmer times. Along with its location in Reston, the Bethesda location hosts daily happy hours, including favorites like the Continue reading …

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Modular furniture installationIn the mid-1970s, companies both large and small turned to personal computers (PC) to automate functions and manage databases. Then in the early 1980s, PCs entered the home. And in the four decades since then, personal computers have evolved extensively.

However, in the 40+ years since the introduction of PCs into the workplace, two things have remained consistent: personal computers play an integral role in business operations, and they are here to stay.

What would happen if the computers at your business went down for an hour? Even worse, what if the computers were inaccessible for a full day? More than the computers, what if your entire network or server was down for a day? How would your business operations be affected?

Moving your computer systems to a new location could raise any or all of these questions. That’s why we’re here to provide solutions to help your company avoid unnecessary downtime after an office move.

Plan your technology move ASAP

Information technology (IT) system infrastructure differs from office to office. Your IT team should Continue reading …

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Moving in TogetherMoving is a major life event, and it becomes even more significant if you decide to move in with your better half. Living under the same roof as your significant other will be exciting and emotional, not to mention the benefit it can have on your wallets. You get to spend more time with your favorite person while paying rent for one place instead of two.

There is definitely enormous incentive to moving in together. However, before you actually plan the move, ask each other some important questions. This will give you both an understanding about each other’s expectations before, during, and after the move.

Where will you live?

Where to Live

Apartment? Townhouse? Single-family home?

Continue reading …

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Seasonality of Moving Infographic

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Deciding what time of the year to move might be out of your control. And even if you are in control of your move date, dozens of factors could impact your decision.

Weighing the pros and cons of moving during different times of the year, might make your choice easier to make.

Moving in a Winter Wonderland

The weather and the holidays typically dissuade people from moving during the winter. Snow, ice, and cold temperatures keep Continue reading …